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When Christopher Columbus took possession of the island, he named it La Isla Española, meaning "The Spanish Island".

Bartolomeo De Las Casas, a Dominican priest and the first Bishop of Chiapas of the western world shortened the name to "Española", and when Pietro Martyr d`Anghiera, a historian of all Spanish conquers detailed his account of the island in Latin, he translated the name as Hispaniola, because Anghiera`s literary work was translated into English and French in a short period of time, the name "Hispaniola" it has been the most frequently used term in English-speaking countries.

It is an honor for Hispaniola Cigars to be a part of this great history as over 500 years ago the Spanish “Conquistadores” were the first non-natives to consume our regions tobacco.

“It is with great pleasure and humility that we present a product that carries such legacy and history from our factories to your hands.

"Hispaniola Cigars, for us to offer, for you to discover”


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"Hispaniola Cigars Golf Open". More info coming soon!!
Hispaniola Los Conquistadores The Next Bet
With the recent featured reviews and ratings on Cigar Aficionado magazine of three of our Hispaniola Cigars, the enthusiasts, tobacconists and our large fan base are creating a buzz and even speculation about Los Conquistadores, the largest and yet complex of the Hispaniola Cigar portfolio.
Hispaniola Cristobal Colon 1492 Series Rated 87 by Cigar Aficionado
After a number of complex trials, the Master Blender at the Hispaniola manufacturing estate Villa Nisao Del Paraiso creates a unique blend for each individual cigar format. However, it must also be perfectly complimented by the almost magical and unique skill of the “Torcedores” – the cigar rollers. Mr Hugo F. Melo, President & CEO of Compania de Tabacos Dominicana, says this triumph is dedicated to them; the "Torcedores".

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