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Hispaniola Premium Cigar Makes a Big Impact at Merchants Cigar Lounge, NYC

On September, 2010 Hispaniola Cigars debuts in one of New York City's Top Cigar Bar Merchants.

Compania de Tabacos Dominicana and Melo Tobacco Group, with their origins in the Cibao Valley of the Dominican Republic and world famous manufactures of premium cigars, have announced the introduction of their Hispaniola Cigars Brand. The Hispaniola Cigars portfolio has four unique blends, acquiring aromas and flavors to satisfy any cigar aficionado’s palate.

Mr. Hugo Melo Chairman & CEO of Hispaniola Cigars commented; 

 "This is very personal for me as this is a family legacy for over 50 years.

Our cigars are unique in flavor and it is a great honor to feature our brand side by side with prestigious lines such as Arturo Fuentes, Davidoff and Macanudo. I am truly humbled by the opportunity to introduce our brand and have such positive feed back by top Aficionados as well as casual smokers throughout the US”.

Erick A. Caceres Hispaniola Cigar’s CMO, also Commented;

“We are extremely proud of our Historical Portfolio, as it not only presents our consumer with great cigars, blended and manufactured with the highest of industry standards, but also carry with them a story, our Hispaniola story".

With the introduction of cigars such as: 

Cristobal Colon 1492 – 

A Cigar made to honor the Italian Explorer Christopher Columbus, responsible for the European awareness of the Western World.  The cigar is medium to full body with intense cinnamon, coffee and spiced flavors.

Los Conquistadoders -  

Named after the Spanish soldiers, explorers and adventurers who brought Hispaniola under Spain’s control in the 15th Century, this Cigar is full body with pepper, caramel and leather flavors.

Tres Carabelas – 

Tres Carabelas is an elegantly presented Puro, from the splendorous soil of the heart of the Caribbean. Baring the name of vessels used in the 1400s by the Spanish conquistadors, Tres Carabelas is a cigar capable of indulging the palate of an avid smoker, awakening a mix of desires few have discovered.  This Puro is Full Body with strong cocoa and coffee flavors.

 El Trabuco 1844 - 

El Trabuco 1844 commemorates the war of 1844, which led to the Dominican Republic's independence from a 22 year Haitian rule.  This cigar, considered the mildest of the Hispaniola portfolio, delivers a combination of creamy, woody flavors and sweet aromas.

 ‘For Us To Offer, For You To Discover’

The Melo-Matos family is committed to establishing a reputation of quality and affordability. Hispaniola Cigars has a selection for every smoker, producing a quality product to fit the budget of consumers who want to enjoy the pleasurable everyday pursuit of smoking premium cigars yet have to deal with the harsh economic realities each time they make a purchase, offering superior value and indisputable affordability for a completely handcrafted, long filler cigar brand.

Hispaniola Cigars is a privately held company headquartered in Teaneck, New Jersey with agricultural and production facilities in The Dominican Republic under the Melo Tobacco Group and Compania de Tabacos Dominicana, Inc.

The company serves as the exclusive manufacturer, importer and distributor of their world-class, super-premium cigar brands. 

For more information please call (201) 282-5377 or email us at info@hispaniolacigars.com

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