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"Any life is made up of a single moment, the moment in which a man finds out, once and for all, who he is".
Jorge Luis Borges

The Hispaniola Lifestyle celebrates this very theory. A man becomes complete in that very moment when he discovers his path and decides to follow it. Embarking in journeys that would make him proud of being a man.

Hispaniola Lifestyle is a state of mind, a mind that celebrates what you consider to be an accomplishment or achievement. A sense of living the life of your dreams full of moments in which you enjoy peace of mind, happiness and moments that makes you proud. These very moments call for a celebration and what better way to celebrate a great moment than with a great Smoke.

“Hispaniola Lifestyle” Contest

In july 2013 Hispaniola Cigars is hosting a Monthly contest for all our members worldwide.

To enter, members will send us a picture along with a short description that best describes the moment. Each Month we will choose the member which best depicts the Hispaniola Lifestyle.

The winner will receive a box of our distinguished “Conquistadores” cigars and a Hispaniola Cigars (Conquistadores) baseball cap as well as being featured on our website as “Conquistador” of the Month.

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